Where The Money Goes: USA

In the U.S. many thousands of children and young people have an incredibly tough start in life, living in deprived areas where they may be out of school, neglected and at risk of abuse. In such areas, children and young people often miss out on the safety net provided by a good education and a stable family environment. The rebuilding of lives, the provision of health and literacy programs, after-school care and help in devastating family circumstances can make all the difference to setting a child on the right track in later life.

The money for the U.S. is distributed by America Gives Back on submission of proposals to a number of organizations, including:

On occasion, America Gives Back acts as a fiscal sponsor for organizations whose activities are in line with our vision and mission, including:

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A just world free from poverty

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Where The Money Goes: International

The money will be focused on delivering programs aimed at key health and education initiatives.

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