Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was America Gives Back established?
America Gives Back (AGB) is the realization of an idea that had been under discussion for several years. AGB's mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment and the unique opportunity presented by the partnership with "American Idol 2007" gave impetus to the formal creation of AGB (formerly known as Charity Projects Entertainment Fund) as a registered 501(c)(3) charity.
2. Why did Charity Projects Entertainment Fund change its name to America Gives Back?
Charity Projects Entertainment Fund is now called America Gives Back. We changed our name in recognition of the extraordinary response of the American public to our call to help people living in extreme poverty at home and around the world.
3. How much money is spent on administration costs?
Whilst AGB is committed to keeping running costs to a minimum, it does, like any professional organization, have some administration and overhead costs. However, these are covered by a combination of philanthropic donations; corporate support and interest received.

Last Modified: May 2014

Our Vision

A just world free from poverty

Our Mission

Driving positive change through the power of entertainment

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